كريزى محول 130ك

كريزى محول 130ك

LE 3,500.00
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LE 3,500.00
LE 3,500.00
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الكريزي المحمول بياناته
كريزي 130ك محمول
سرعات 99
مزودة ب ريموت
حبل صاندو
ابعاد الجهاز
35×65×15 ط×ع×ار
N. W:13kgs
Measure :78*44*21cm

From the manufacturer
Vibration machines have become one of the most popular passive exercise equipment today. Within just a few weeks of daily whole-body vibration, a study of users achieved similar results as treadmill sessions.

Now, the real question is; does it really work? The theory is utilizing controlled vibrations, set to the correct frequency and amplitude, forcing the muscles to contract and relax dozens of times a second. It is estimated that a dozen exercises are completed in one minute, each equivalent to an hour-long workout at the gym. It can be used to help improve balance, bone density, muscle strength, and circulation. Imagine you still can improve your health and be trim while watching TV in the comfort of your home.

Now back to that question again; does it really work? The answer is yes.
2300+ RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
20 Level Adjustable Speeds
10 minutes of Maximum Session Time Setting
Researchers have showed that vibration exercises practiced 2 times per week, for 10 weeks, can improve body composition while increasing muscle strength. According to this study, vibration machine exercises are especially effective in decreasing the amount of trunk fat and strengthening the muscles in the lower body.
Vibration machine exercises were found to maximize muscle stimulation while minimizing fatigue. According to researchers, 5 bouts of whole body vibration can increase muscle power, increasing the production of growth hormone and decreasing the secretion of cortisol. These mean more powerful workouts, stronger muscles and lower stress levels during and after the exercise session.
Regardless of your age, building stronger bones and working on your balance should be a priority, as weak bones and poor balance are the main reasons for falls and fractures. Researchers have showed that 8 weeks of vibration exercises can improve mobility and postural stability in seniors, reducing the risk of falls and improving their quality of life.

Hurtle Model : HURVBTR30Vibration Fitness Exercise MachineStanding Vibration Fitness Machine - Vibrating Platform Exercise Workout Sports Trainer Features:Revolutionary Design for Fitness that's FunVibration Assisted Exercise for Full Body TrainingExcellent Toning for Abs, Thighs & ButtocksDynamic Oscillating Motion TechnologyHigh-Powered Vibrations do the Hard WorkAccelerated Fat Burning & Weight LossIncorporates Upper Body, Lower Body & Core WorkoutsLab Tested to Improve Muscle Strength, Flexibility & CirculationDetachable Handheld Resistance Bands for More Versatile RoutinesReduce Appearance of Cellulite, Improves Metabolic RatesSimple Operation: Stand On & Power OnIdeal for All Body Types & Age Groups(20) Level Adjustable SpeedsDigital Touch Button ControlsRubber Grip 'Anti-Slip' Surface PadPerfect for Sports Training, Weight Loss, Burning FatWhat's in the Box:Vibration Exercise MachineDetachable Arm Resistance BandsRemote ControlTechnical Specs:High Power Output: 200 WattRPM (Revolutions Per Minute): 2300+Construction Material: Engineered ABSMaximum Session Time Setting: 10 MinuteLoad Capacity: 265 lbs.Battery Operated Remote Control, Requires (2) x 'AAA' BatteriesPower Supply: 120VDimensions (L x W x H): 26.8'' x 15.5'' x 5.5'' -inchesThe Hurtle Vibrating Fitness Platform provides you with a new and exciting way to train! Take your fitness to the next level with vibration-assisted workouts that target your entire body. The revolutionary design allows you to tone your abs, thighs, buttocks, calves and more -- you will have the ability to focus on more areas of your body while incorporating a wide-range of different workouts! Next-generation dynamic oscillating motion technology uses high-powered vibrations that do the hard work and help you feel the burn. The system is easy to operate and simply …

*فوائد الكريزى فيت

* يساعد على التخسيس وإذابة الدهون من خلال الاهتزاز
* إزالة الدهون المتراكمة في الجسم عن طريق الاهتزازت.
* فقدان الوزن وحرق السعرات الحرارية بدون مجهود.
* تنشيط الدورة الدموية للجسم وتقوية عضلات الظهر.
* التخلص من الآلام الناتجة عن الشد العضلي لعضلات الظهر والأرجل.
* يمكنك أداء التمارين على الجهاز في أوضاع مختلفة "جلوس أو وقوف".
* كما يمكنك عمل مساج للأرجل أو الأذرع.
* التخلص من السيلوليت ، من خلال تعزيز تدفق الدم.
* الجهاز يساعد في التخلص من حمض اللاكتيك أسيد المتكون بعد الرياضة أو المجهود البدني والذي يسبب الآلام وتقلصات العضلات.
* الوقاية من مرض هشاشة العظام من خلال الحفاظ على المرونة في العظام.